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Telecommunication System

Telecommunications play an important role in our company, leader in offering High-quality and Hi-Tech products and service, in particular :

Analog and Isdn Communication system installation and maintenance;
Lan-Wan-Adsl-Hdsl-Shdsl system installation;
Data banks available online;
Call center and wiring planning and realization.
Moreover, our experts promote new solutions to increase Wireless transmission in public historical and architectural areas, where fixed Internet connections cannot be installed. This also prevents otherwise remarkable waste of money.
ASTI is specialized in :

Telephone connection : installation, maintenance, planning and testing concerning phone systems, analog and isdn systems, and correct network working.)
Wiring : wiring supply and assembly; realization and certification of single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber systems and ODTR engine test sand utilization.
ADSL : adsl MUX wiring and installation in Telecom, Fastweb and Wind stations; SHDSL, HDSL, ADSL testing; ADSL platform available to install new products (modem, router, VDT, IPTV, etc..); testing through SDH PDH systems.
Computer networks : material supply and assembly, maintenance and management of LAN and WAN computer networks (included HW and SW concerning pc, server, base station), call center and multimedia rooms diffusion; HUB, Switch, Router systems maintenance; WI FI, VOIP systems and Computer Telephony Integration systems realization.
Maintenance : continuous maintenance and consulting for public and private broken networks related to Ericsson, Alcatel, Samsung, Matra, Siemens, Nortel stations.

Several Data transmission networks have been recently installed as follows:
- Brindisi Police Headquarters, 60 network points;
- Bari Police Headquarters, 200 network points;
- Military Arsenal in Taranto, 180 network points;
- all Apulian INPS offices, 2000 network points;
- City of Galatina, 105 network points;
- City of Brindisi, 280 network points;
- United Nation Logistic Base Onu in Brindisi;
- Call center “Mondial Contact Center” in Casarano.

Moreover, ASTI is the official supplier of Telecom Italia spa, founding partner of “Italia Net Service” (the National Consortium for Telecommunications) and partner of Sirti spa. The company is specialized in planning and installing telephone and data connection systems and it provides several offices (Post offices, Banks, Sanitary Institutes, etc..) for the network maintenance customer service.

  • Armed Forces and State bodies
  • Important companies, Other Bodies
  • Cities,Banks, Insurance institutes, Freelancers
  • Institutes and Associations


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